Maybe you have a game idea floating around that you would love to make a reality, or maybe you just need a little bit of extra help with a larger game project, I can work with you and other team members to ensure you can release a polished title into the market.

I have been a major team member, either as a developer or providing design ideas and feedback, on several published titles from AAA budget next-gen titles to more casual iPhone and Android games.

I’m familiar with a wide range of programming languages, having production experience with C++, C# and Lua and a working knowledge of many more, including C, Java, Python, JavaScript and GLSL. I’ve used several different toolsets in a production environment such as Unity3D, Visual Studio and Xcode.

In short, my experience can help you release a quality, polished and, more importantly, fun product on time and on budget to a large audience.

If you would like to know more please contact me.

Who am I?

A talented and experienced game developer in the North East of England.

I have worked with many different teams and individuals to create a wide variety of quality games and visualisations.

What I do?

I create bespoke 2D or 3D software for commercial clients to release on all major platforms.

Thanks to my production experience with multiple different toolsets, languages and platforms I can make sure the right tool is used for your project to make it the best it can be.