I have experience with developing and distributing on some of the biggest platforms on today’s market and thanks to available multi-platform technology I can develop your game or visualisation for simultaneously on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web.

Do you have a design for an iPhone game you’d love to see become a reality? Did you know that Android is competing very strongly in the smartphone market? You could potentially double your target audience by deciding to target both at minimal extra effort or development time. Why not also produce a web version for marketing material or to easily demonstrate the game to publishers or investors?

Contact me to find out more about how my experience and the available technology can make the process of opening up new markets simple, convenient and cost-effective.

Who am I?

A talented and experienced game developer in the North East of England.

I have worked with many different teams and individuals to create a wide variety of quality games and visualisations.

What I do?

I create bespoke 2D or 3D software for commercial clients to release on all major platforms.

Thanks to my production experience with multiple different toolsets, languages and platforms I can make sure the right tool is used for your project to make it the best it can be.