A nice little automated proof-of-concept demo I put together a little while back for a client.

The game would be a horizontal, scrolling, Infinite Jumper (I prefer Hopper, but Jumper is already in use…), you are a creature of some kind, and for some reason you like collecting little stars. You find yourself standing on a planetoid, also of some kind, presumably orbiting some kind of larger celestial body to explain the gravity you experience when you jump from it.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, would be to find the right point on your current planetoid to launch yourself from, which would not only land you safely on the next planetoid, but also net you the most stars possible on your short journey.

You lose when you finally make a critical error in your aiming and miss the next planetoid, crashing into the much larger celestial body below. Or until you run out of time… which isn’t in this automated demo. Neither is missing, in fact. The AI cheats.